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Monday, August 03, 2009


1. Bought nylon magazine august 09 edition this morning when i went to holland village to drop winona's stuff. since i live in singapore only for a few months, i seriously dont know where to go to buy this magazine. i even thought they dont have it here. lol. thanks to winona for telling!
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2. Meeting up with my dear friend Angelin, and her sis and Christian after school. Angelin is going to be here for a week and then depart to australia for her further studies.. :( I'M GOING TO MISS HER SO BAD
3. And meet my new baby. see what i've purchased at Aldo this afternoon
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funny i didn't feel guilty after spending that much. TEHE. next buy: more heels.
4. Canele Patissiere's cakes :) really made my day.
5. Hitting the gym after 3 weeks of not doing so, hip hop moves today were seriously awesome.
6. I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FOUND A STORE HERE IN SINGAPORE THAT SELLS ALEXANDER WANG'S CLOTHES. omg. apparently there's only one hidden prestigious shop that carries his labels in singapore. i'm so glad that i've found it. since i know now i can save up some money to at least get the T :) to think about it, i've been obsessed with Alexander Wang's clothing since like... i made this post in my old blog.
7. mom is coming to visit me this thursday. everything's perfect

next up in my post.. probably a mixtape for august?! (previous mixtape)

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