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Monday, September 14, 2009

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today marks the first day of another new term in my school. realized that i should be more organized i finally get myself a new note book that... actually doesn't really look like this. haha
but i would love to get one new moleskine's notebook pretty soon.

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i love the sense of stuff that is very organized, neat, and clean. just the thought of having an organized study plan, or neat notebooks somehow always keeps me motivated to study. weird eh?

& anyways i have decided to keep my blog this way. as in i mean like, i dont really bother to update about my life's happenings in detail like how i used to do anymore. some stuffs are meant to be private and not to be exposed. maybe if there's one or two interesting pictures to show, i would always love to show it here :)
otherwise, enjoy!

ps: notice that i've added the music rolls in the right hand side of this page :) more to come! xx

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