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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wore this outfit last weekend for a day out with the family here. Those wedges really has got to be the most comfortable high heel I've owned so far. My feet could live and walk with those for 13 hours straight when I have a full day schedule. Still couldn't find any that could replace them yet.

(change of topic) On a brighter note, I had my last class today! 4 days to go and I'm back to medan already. Sooo excited!

(another change of topic)

Stumbled upon this statement from James's blog - lamodeoutre.com, which states like this;

dressing is a way of life, like we dress in the way that we live, how our life dictates it so. Like a construction worker dresses like a construction worker, a shop keeper dresses like a shop keeper, and a fashion student dresses like a fashion student. Or,
dressing is a way of life, referring to those people who ‘dress’, those stylish ones, those people who cannot live without ‘dressing’; without style. Or,
dressing is a way of life, like considering we all do it pretty much everyday, it is a strand of living that is continuous and with us from start to end, much like eating or sleeping or all those other things we do start to end. It is one of the ways by which our start to end life is defined.
I love reading his blog, it has become one of my daily reads so far. Go and head down to the blog if you have never done so!

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