Sunday, May 08, 2011

IMG_5807-2 IMG_5815
IMG_5798 IMG_5793

I thought most of the pictures are screwed due to the harsh overexposed lights but so lucky photoshop did its magic.
I know I've been wearing the same pair of wedges forever, although I've got myself a couple new pairs of shoes but none of them could beat how comfortable these are. Plus they go with any outfit you wear in daily basis.
So, I've been spending the last few days of my one week school break trying to enjoy things that this city has got to offer. Singapore is such a routine, not that I wanted to complain, I like it here but I totally agree when people say this place might get slightly boring after a while. Not necessarily excited about any particular things in the moment. Just looking forward to get back to school and attend classes as regular, fast forward to June to seeing all my loved ones, especially my brother and kissing May goodbye. Till then, x

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