You look like you having fun

Friday, June 24, 2011

IMG_8383 IMG_8384
Stealing my brother's sunnies, top and outerwear. The rest are mine (obviously).
Photo 995
IMG_8393 IMG_8390
Photo 984

Gave up mugging halfway after being distracted too much and finally dragged my brother out to get these shots for me because of the lovely sunny weather outdoor. It was all started from that Catarac's song too. Putting the song on repeat the whole day ever since he played it once while I was studying. How annoying, I was so distracted just by listening to the catchy beat.
One week has passed and another three more weeks to go for my exam, maybe I should really take this seriously. Not looking forward for last minute study, pulling an all nighter with red bulls and everything everrr again. 

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  1. Love your bro's denim jacket, you styled it really well!!

    Check out my blog :P