New Zealand

Thursday, August 06, 2015


After over 2 years of abandoning the blog (shamelessly mentioning it now - well at some point I thought that I would perhaps never blog anymore, let's touch base on whatever that has been happening for the past 2 years later), the highlight of this post would be on my recent trip to New Zealand that has inspired me so much that I wouldn't forgive myself not to share the moments.. And as I'm currently on a 'bedrest' after being diagnosed with a typhoid fever (oh how ironic) for the past couple of days, I figured I have plenty of time to do something more productive at this state beside checking my work mail and thinking of a proper meal to calm my stomach for the rest of the day. Talk about plenty of time - I kind of forget or probably not used to how much 'plenty-of time' it took to prep a blog post like this (God have mercy).

So, this time I travelled with my mom and her friends, it was initially her suggestion as well otherwise I guess I wouldn't at the slightest thought about visiting the Kiwi country just yet - well let's be honest here it was way down the bucket list oops. I have narrowed down from a close to 1000 photos into about a final 90 that I was planning to divide into a few posts. Okay let's make that 100 in total - those are hard choices, practically impossible task when you talk about choosing photos of landscapes in NZ (well landscape + my narcissistic photos included)

Those are the photos taken in the first 2 days out of a total of 9 days exploring both Northern and the Southern part of the country. As you can see or probably could have guessed, we managed to visit the setting of Hobbiton which was nothing but sort of amazing (calling out all LOTR fans!). And I also learnt that the sheep population in NZ is 3x the human population there, so basically everywhere you go, the probability for you to see sheep than human would be much higher, which is cute and awkward. I still wish that the trip would be much longer than 9 days, as much as I know how much of a city girl I am at heart, it was another experience being surrounded by amazing landscape and nature to refresh the soul. I promise the next time I return which hopefully would be sooner rather than later, we would do our own roadtrip a.k.a renting cars and not tour in a big group as how we did.

Till next post, x


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